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February 2, 2015 – Susan Pitman, ED
Drug Free Duval has a vision…freedom from substance abuse for all Duval residents. That vision came from you…and is all about making sure our residents have as much opportunity as possible to live healthy, productive and impactful lives.
So together we have been on a journey. The journey, related to drugs and alcohol, has been to understand why we use, over-use and illegally use…and what our local conditions are that contribute. We do this so we can, together as a community, work toward solutions that will lead to lasting change in our attitudes, choices and behaviors. We do this so eventually we can eradicate the root causes of unhealthy drug and alcohol use, and our environment around can support health and wellness and positive choices.
Now research is showing us that there may be another root cause that we have been nipping at, but not really understood. BONDING. Don’t know what we mean? Just click here to see the DFD presentation by Dr. Richard Marks on 1/27/2015. Looks like we are on to something, and all the more reason to dig in to our parent engagement tool kit! Link:
2015-01-27 Bonding and Addictions



January 2015 L&L 2



Richard Marks, PhD

” If you want to go go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together” – African proverb

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