Our Team

Susan Pitman, Executive Director

After experiencing issues related to drugs and alcohol close to home, Susan Pitman founded Drug Free Duval in 2008. The community coalition now has nearly 1000 community members and more than 30 partner organizations who are dedicated to freedom from substance abuse and addiction for all.

DFD engages the strategic prevention framework theory of community change, mobilizing innovative responses across community sectors to result in population level shifts in attitudes, policies, cultural norms and eventually behavior. DFD supports an approach to community health that is integral, cross-disciplinary and deeply empathetic – that builds strategies and campaigns around inspiring good rather than punitive responses. Ultimately, DFD craves a community that is committed to inspiring action, empathy and support in an effort to improve health each day.

Pitman’s prior experience includes commercial banking, and consulting. She served as policy advisor for the Florida Senate President, and provides testimony to the Florida legislature regarding prevention.


Sally Finn, Community and Development Director

Sally graduated from Michigan State University with a BS in Merchandising Management. She
has worked in the area of prevention since 2009 and is currently the Community and
Development Director for Drug Free Duval. Sally is dedicated to engaging community partners and stakeholders to support the prevention efforts both locally and regionally. She has been extensively trained in the Strategic Prevention Framework and uses this process to bring the community together to develop comprehensive solutions to identified substance abuse problems. These problems are then addressed with strategies that are proven effective in promoting population level change. Sally would like to thank all of our collaborative partners both new and long term who continue to make Duval County a healthier and safer place for all of us to live.

Sally and her Michigan State husband were married in 1987. They have three sons, one
grandson, three cats, and the best dog ever– Maggie.


Melanie Bright, Youth Director

Melanie Bright joined Drug Free Duval in 2014 following a chance conversation with DFD Executive Director Susan Pitman about how substance abuse had deeply affected her life. Since coming on-board Melanie has dedicated her time to giving the youth in our community a voice and providing training on how to advocate for the changes they wish to see in their own future. She is extremely active in the restorative justice community, and believes that our youth should have a fair opportunity to correct the wrongdoings they commit without life-long consequences. Melanie hopes that young people will begin to realize the power their voices have, and that the older generations will start to appreciate what their younger counterparts have to say.
She resides in the Riverside area and shares a small apartment with her cat. You can usually find her taking weekend trips with friends, swimming in the closest body of water, and enjoying the best brunch.

“You young people never say anything. And us old folks don’t know how to stop talking.”
― Carlos Ruiz Zafón, The Shadow of the Wind

Talk About It. Be About It.